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Registration Teacher Education Workshop, October 18 2017

By filling in the boxes below you sign up for MatRIC's Teacher Education Workshop. For participants coming from institutions north of Bergen, MatRIC will offer one night accommodation at Clarion Hotel Ernst. A limited number of rooms have been reserved, please contact the hotel directly to book one of these rooms and provide the name "Teacher Education Workshop, October 18". These rooms will be held until October 6, and will be allocated on first come basis. Please contact the hotel directly to make necessary reservations either by phone or mail; 38 12 86 00/Cl.ernst@choice.no. Participants are requested to cover the cost of their own travel. The workshop is free of charge and final registration date is September 29.


Please state if you want to join lunch.

Food allergies/other information

Please state if you have any food allergies or other needs we should know about.